Posted by: kljolly | February 1, 2012

Material Culture of Daily Living

I am just nearing the end of The Material Culture of Daily Living in the Anglo-Saxon World, edited by Maren Clegg Hyer and Gale R. Owen-Crocker (Exeter:  University of Exeter Press, 2011).  I am enjoying the essays immensely, finding tidbits to incorporate into my novel that will make it more tangibly real.

Unlike some edited volumes of essays with multiple authors, this one is remarkably even in its coverage and style.  Each expert author offers analysis of the evidence, textual and artifactual, before highlighting some examples:  agriculture and plant life, animals and animal products, transportation, metalworking, textiles, food, and health. I did not see anything about pottery.

I just wish I had agreed to review the book (regrets to the editor who asked me) rather than having to use the InterLibrary Loan copy.  I would order it for students possibly, but it is prohibitively expensive.

So I may add here in the coming days some of the insights gained from the volume that I might use to recreate Aldred’s world.



  1. That looks like a fabulous tome; I must investigate. Thankyou for the reference, and also for the blog, which I’ve only lately discovered via Heavenfield.

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