Posted by: kljolly | February 18, 2013

ISAS Dublin and Cumbria

July 28-August 5 will find me in Dublin (for the first time since 1977) for the ISAS (International Society of Anglo-Saxonists) conference.


I am pondering whether I can stretch my research fund $$ to do a post-conference trip across the Irish Sea to Cumbria, and perhaps Northumbria to visit the Lindisfarne Gospels in residence at Durham.

I thought about taking a viking voyage across the Irish Sea, which would involve a steam packet from Dublin to the Isle of Man and then another to Heysham, but practical considerations suggest that I get a BritRailPass UK-Ireland, which seems to include ferries.  I could then stop in Wales, having never done so before.  It would be fun to go around Cumbria a bit, then cross the Pennines, but the rail goes around the north.

However, all this is adding up fast and I need to book my Honolulu-Dublin air ticket soon.  Any suggestions from faithful readers in the North?



  1. Hello, Karen. I too am hoping to be at ISAS. If your travels then take you as far north as Orkney you would be very welcome to come and stay with us. Best wishes, Victoria (Thompson) Whitworth

  2. Thanks, Victoria. I am receiving an amazing number of invitations (my intention was not to wangle invites out of people at ISAS), but just to get some itinerary advice and perhaps meet a fellow traveller. My main goal is Cumbria, though, and am not sure how far I can go beyond that on limited time.

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