Posted by: kljolly | February 21, 2018

London Fall 2018 Study Abroad

Come explore the medieval world

with Professor Karen Jolly

on the London Fall 2018 Study Abroad program 

Students from any university are eligible for this University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Study Abroad program for the same price as in-state students.

Students will take classes at the host Roehampton University, courses that are transferable for credit in their major or for general education.

Students will also take one or both of Dr. Jolly’s courses offered just to students in this program:

HIST 335 Early Medieval Europe

We will examine manuscripts and artifacts at a special exhibit in the British Library and at the British Museum. We will also take field trips into the countryside. HIST 335 syllabus.

AngloSaxon1 Cotton MS Tiberius BV

BL Cotton Tiberius B.V Can you find the British Isles on this eleventh-century map?

HIST 433 Medieval Cultures

We will examine pre-modern world history through the eyes of the British Museum.  Students will give oral presentations on artifacts and narrate rooms in the museum.   HIST 433 syllabus.


Why is this Rapa Nui moai in the British Museum and how did it get there?

For more information

  • UHM London program, Roehampton courses, costs (its affordable!), and application (deadline April 1, 2018), go to the Study Abroad website.
  • Courses and program for Fall 2018, contact Prof. Karen Jolly.




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